Thursday, December 25, 2008

In America Abortion is NOT against the law!

Many people on the Pro-Life (anti-abortion) side clearly have deep convictions. It may not be as clear to some that the convictions of Pro-Choice people are just as strong and as deeply rooted in moral principles. We, too, are motivated
In America, if you want an abortion, and you can afford the cash for it, you are allowed to do so. It is NOT against the law!

If, on the other hand, you believe abortion to be wrong, and do not wish to have one, or have one you love have one and can convince her not to do so, then you are free not to do so.
It isn't murder, because there are no human victims. It isn't genocide.

Obviously, there are different beliefs about when life begins, based on different faiths and doctrines. The Bible defines life as beginning at "breath." (Strangely, Christian fundamentalists who want to outlaw abortion are ignoring the Bible on this point.) The Roman Catholic Church officially says it is at conception. Some Protestants believe it is at viability. Judaic teachings place it at birth.

But there can only be one legal definition of the beginning of life (pertaining to a given set of circumstances). So some people's faith is always bound to differ from the legal definition. It is important, therefore, that the legal definition respect and accommodate a range of beliefs.

That doesn't mean everyone is going to agree about other people's actions. But it allows each individual to act according to her own conscience, within the scope where we reasonably differ. After all, which is of overriding moral importance: agreeing with another's actions or living one's own life according to one's conscience?

The Supreme Court defined the beginning of life as first breath. This definition respects and accommodates individual convictions and faith. It allows a strict Catholic, for example, to choose not to elect abortion. It accommodates both those who regard the embryo as inviolable and those who reserve the option of abortion.

Once again, I would ask this question, and I do wish I could get an answer to it - if you thought the Republican and Conservative politicians cared about abortion, why in the world did they not do something to end it over the course of the many years they had a working majority in our Congress?

Before the Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973, an estimated 1.2 million women obtained illegal abortions annually.

And women died from unsafe, illegal abortions. Women bled to death. Women died from unsterilized conditions, died of massive infections. Women died and women were maimed. Each year, thousands of wives and daughters, mothers and aunts, perished from botched illegal abortions.

This is another area where pro-choice is truly pro-life: pro-woman's life. Pro-choicers ardently care about this tragic and needless loss of women's lives.Anti-choicers ought not fool themselves into thinking that they will "convert" people to their view.


Tavar said...

Hello, I heard an emission with the radio this after midday on the creationist (religious) and Darwin, it said that half of the United States believe in the bible and that world A was creates in 7 days, they want to prohibit the courses of science has the school, Reagan had said that it did not go down from the monkey to recover the voices for the elections, Bush is as insane as him apparently! Excuse for English, I speak it rather badly. Cordially. Nicolas from Imagenaction Blog

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...
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Harmony said...

I always think contraceptives is a better choice to avoid all this stuffs. Well at least reduce the staggering numbers.

a corgi said...

interesting observations; I do have a question, can you cite the scripture you are talking about in the Bible that defines life as beginning at "breath"?? I'm not familiar with that passage

I was of the impression life began at conception and myself am comforted with Psalm 139:13-14; that I was being knit together by God, assumingly alive in my mom's womb


enjoy the day


Anonymous said...

Like always, Harmony seems to add so much to a conversation....LOL

gonzodoctor said...

From a state viewpoint,the prohibition of abortion might create sanitary problems as it occured in the first time (as you said infections...)
A clear situation can avoid this kind of problem but in a ''melting pot'' like in America how would you want to have a unilateral view?
This conflict between pro-choicers and ''anti-abortionist'' will resist especially in America where moral convictions are deep rooted.
Keep the debate guy !

collins calling said...

Thanks Gonzo, I will.

Anonymous said...

Good post Collins, it's nice to see a man that is willing to speak out on controversial topics.

Anonymous said...

The choice for abortion (legal or not) is a terrible one for a woman to have to make. As far as she is concerned she has taken the life of a child. Her reasons may be valid (a result of rape for example) but the choice she makes still remains with her for the rest of her life. The courts can argue it out until doomsday, but it won't alter that truth.

King of New York Hacks said...

Good subject and good debate ....have to ponder and come back.

Anonymous said...

I just think that I should be the one allowed to dictate what goes on with my body, not the courts, religious groups, or anyone else.

Just me.

Happy new Year!

=) Bella

Nyxmyst said...

I'm not sure I agree with that, Aggie. Some women, yes. Some no. We're all different.

Bella, while we're making a list of things for them to stay out of.. can we add in our sex lives, too? ;)

Anonymous said...

Bella said...
I just think that I should be the one allowed to dictate what goes on with my body, not the courts, religious groups, or anyone else.
Just me.

=) Bella

I agree with you 100 percent.

Myself said...

I saw your comment over at
Z Man's blog and I agree with you about that liberal weenie who calles himself a conservative.

Leon Basin said...

Interesting post! Thank you for sharing.

gonzodoctor said...

Collins, Where are you ???
Abortion is not yet abolished !

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