Friday, January 2, 2009

How Nasty Can I Get? Let Me Count The Ways

Well, Christmas is over, time to get back to reality, no more Mr Nice Guy, no more spreading of "Good Cheer" Time to call it and say it like it is!
There's a guy that writes a blog down the block called "Stranded in Civilization" although I can't find anything anything Civilized about this blog or the blogger that calls himself "Z-man"
He constantly writes about Abortion, Porn, and other controversial subjects like these. However, this this hypocritical blogger seems to get frustrated and uptight and as SNOTTY as he can with people who answer him with an opposing view point. He not only deletes your comments or I should say MY comments as well as many others as fast as the day is long but he advocates other bloggers to do the same. Like he took the Hippocratic Oath of opinionated bloggers.
Hypocrisy simply means to present yourself as honest, upright and moral to the degree that you are willing to put others down and critique them for not having the same values ... when in fact you are no where near what you pretend to be... you are in fact doing what you have reprimanded others for. I hope that was clear.
To get back to this arrogant individual who is involved in hypocrisy he recently wrote a blog on abortion, he happens to be pro life and that's fine I have NO problem with anyone's opinions, but when he opens up a discussion and several people have an opposing view as in this case, he gets all up-tight and deletes away at everyone's well and thought out comments, some of which were very long and very well written.
Then tells his readers that he don't want ANY one bringing up the abortion subject anymore. One day later in a new blog that has absolutely NOTHING to do with abortion, he himself brings it up in his own comment.
Does the word JACKASS fit in here? You betcha.
He brings along with him a selfrightous Soapbox Kid that uses words that he himself don't even know the meaning of as well as a little girl who thinks shes a women but don't know the difference.
Nothing warms the cockles of my heart like seeing a true hypocrite get his comeuppance.
It seems that with every comment I have ever made on this blog, it get followed up with a blog about me...I guess that's his attempt at trolling.
This moring it wasn't only me that got pissed at this strange behavious, but a few others as well. I'm glad someone else agree's with me.
Like I care that he's a a lame? But the bloggers who go to other blogs attempting to correct someones policy then refer readers to their own blog, if someone wants to bitch about your point of view they can do it without me..
Shut the hell up.