Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why can't people mind their own business?

Since I left New York City, I notice that people really don't know how to stay in their own business. When I work out there's an older person always asking me why I lift so heavy, or why I'm always with a different girl or whatever the reason... I'M SO FREAKING TIRED OF PEOPLE'S NOSES IN MY BUSINESS!!!!
Since I left New York, I've noticed that the smaller the city, the more people stick their noses to where it don't belong... and it seems that it's always the older crowd... I'm 33 and I don't care what people do unless it's really something dangerous and concerning.
The possible reason older folks nag on you all the time is things are a-changing' and they don't like what they don't understand. That will happen anywhere though. Small towns are usually more traditional in everything; the Bible, Patriotism, morals(which some are out-dated), more focused on family values and maintaining a family friendly atmosphere. All that stuff is OK; but not when someone tries to impose things onto me and tries to make me feel shameful if i don't believe.
But I kind of laugh it off and just say screw em!

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