Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some bloggers are just idiots, aggressive, liars, and rude !

I have read many blogs and then gone down to the comments and i sense that many of you are more than very fair. . We are all here to express ourselves so let us be, we try just as hard as you do and a lot of us who read your blogs do not leave aggressive, rude and stupid comments on your blogs unless they have a strong point to prove and believe in what they have said. So if we do have something to say and it IS constructive but maybe a bit rough to read, then please grow up take the comments for what they are and give other commenter's a break.
Unfortunately, when you blog in a public forum (such as this one) you need to grow a very thick skin, because you expose yourself to people with all kinds of opinions.
I just read a blog that I have been commenting on
and I got ticked off with the response of the blogger.
He is now moderating comments because he didn't like the comment that i left there yesterday. It ruffled his feathers because I didn't agree with his good friends opinion.
Does he want a "Yes sir" type of blog or one where people can express their opinions no matter what they may be?
Isn't this still America?
The phenomena of the internet, is our ability to properly express the tone and manner in which we are saying things. The anonymity also allows people to speak in a manner in which they wouldn't dream of in public.
So he just got ticked off with one of the comments made that opposed his or one of his buddies.
So I ask you, why are some bloggers such idiots?

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Pierre Alexander said...

I agree with your view, but can I ask you a favor? Please go on my blog and put a rude comment.