Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fire distroys Sarah Palin's church.

Sarah Palin, her husband Todd and up to 1,000 fellow parishioners will worship in a local school this morning after a suspicious fire virtually destroyed the Wasilla Bible Church early Saturday. The Rev. Larry Kroon said some parishioners were in the church on Nicola Avenue at the time the fire was noticed but no one was injured. Firefighters battled for about eight hours in minus-20 degree temperatures.
This woman and her family have been treated beyond bad from the very beginning she was selected by McCain. I can understand people being loyal to Obama, but this obsession to destroy Palin based on that loyalty is extremely disturbing!! To torch a house of prayer, because a candidate when against their candidate?!! Something is immorally wrong with this. It is really pathetic that someone would do something like that. She doesn't deserve this and her church certainly doesn't either.
Talk about Sicko's

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JOHNSWORLD08 said...

I didnt know that her Church was destroyed bt fire.And your right.People have been trying everything they can to put her down amd make her out to look dumb.America knows her name and wont soon be forgetting her.I think shes pretty smart